Located within Baltimore City, yet nestled within a Certified Urban Wildlife Refuge Area, The MedStar Good Samaritan Nursing Center provides the most advanced long-term care services within a warm, comforting, and therapeutic environment.

Resident Rooms

As a resident, you will live in a comfortable, semi-private room, where you'll be encouraged to bring your favorite belongings to make it feel a little more like home. Each of our 72 semi-private rooms includes an electric bed, dresser, nightstand, wardrobe, individualized heating and air conditioning unit, large window, and bathroom with a sink and toilet. Residents are allowed to bring their own phones and televisions to each facility; the appropriate connections are available. Every resident also has access to shower and whirlpool facilities where they will be aided by a trained professional.

Nursing Units

MedStar Good Samaritan Nursing Center has three units, each equipped with its own nursing station, dining room, and unit manager. Our Terrace Unit, located on the first floor, is a skilled unit available to residents requiring a higher level of care. The Lake and Park Units are located on the second floor.

Rehabilitation Facility

MedStar Good Samaritan Nursing Center has a fully equipped rehabilitation room located on the first floor that offers individualized physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs. The rehabilitation facility includes a paraffin unit, monitoring equipment, and exercise and strength training equipment. The highly trained rehabilitation staff is prepared to educate residents and their relatives on proper rehabilitation and transfer techniques, and they are involved in all resident/family conferences.

Beauty Parlor

For residents who desire the convenience of a beauty salon and stylists, the MedStar Good Samaritan Nursing Center has a fully equipped beauty parlor, complete with styling chairs and hair dryers. Residents can schedule regular haircuts, shampoos, hair sets, and more. Our technicians specialize in all hair types.

Dining Rooms

Residents can enjoy all of their meals and activities in one of our three spacious dining rooms. The centrally located dining rooms provide plenty of seating and an ideal location for residents to congregate and socialize. Each dining room also features a large screen television and a varied selection of activities.


The Nursing Center has a centrally located private courtyard that residents are encouraged to enjoy. The enclosed courtyard includes several patio tables and umbrellas, as well as beautiful landscaping that provides a secure, yet enjoyable, outdoor escape for our residents. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard.


Residents are welcome to enjoy some fresh air and nature while lounging on our outdoor patio. The furnished patio overlooks our pond and wildlife reserve.

Nature Trail

Residents may take a walk around the pond and the Nursing Center's campus on our nature trail. This natural environment is home to many wild creatures including fish, birds, ducks, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, herons, and many others. Residents are able to view this natural habitat from the units and resident rooms.


Tucked behind our building is a pond that is home to a wide variety of fish. Residents are able to view the pond from the building or visit the pond using our nature trail. Many residents enjoy feeding the fish and ducks that inhabit our wildlife area.

Call Us Today

To arrange a tour or discuss nursing home needs, call the nursing center at 443-451-5700.


1601 East Belvedere Avenue,
Baltimore, Maryland 21239