Pediatric Rehab FAQs

My four-year-old can’t say his /r/ sound. Does he need a speech-language evaluation? 

No.  Children are expected to develop sounds at different ages.  Some children develop all sounds of the English language at an earlier age compared to their peers; however, most experts agree that children have until at least 6 years of age to develop the /r/ sound. 

My friend/pediatrician/family member recommended that I enroll my child in Early Intervention Services through my county or district? If I enroll my child in Early Intervention does that prevent him/her from receiving outpatient services? 

Early Intervention can be provided at the same time as outpatient services in most counties.  We always recommend that families pursue any services available to their child, especially if those services can be provided in the home.  Families can contact Early Intervention prior to a scheduled appointment at MedStar Georgetown.

My insurance does not require a prescription for therapy services. Do I still have to obtain one for my child? 

Yes.  It is hospital policy that each patient is required to provide a prescription from their physician.

Will my insurance cover my child’s evaluation and/or therapy? 

Each insurance plan is different.  When you schedule your appointment, Patient Services will contact your insurance to confirm coverage; however, we advise all patients to contact their insurance as well to confirm they are covered for services. Most insurances require a procedure code (what you are coming for) and a diagnostic code (why you are coming).  When you contact your insurance company to confirm coverage please have these ready.  Please see the prescription from your doctor for your child’s diagnosis.  The most common procedures and respective procedure codes are as follows:  Speech/Language Evaluation (92523); Speech-Language Therapy (92507); Feeding Evaluation (92610); Feeding Therapy (92526); Occupational Therapy Evaluation (97003); Physical Therapy Evaluation (97001)

My child is on the waitlist for weekly services -how long does it take to get a regular therapy appointment? 

We are unable to provide a specific time frame for when your child will be offered a regular weekly appointment.  Openings are dependent upon previous patients being discharged, which is not always easily predicted.  Our office will make every possible effort to help coordinate services for your child. 

My child already receives PT,OT, or Speech at MGUH—how do I enroll them in other therapies? 

If your child is currently receiving one therapy at MGUH (i.e., Physical Therapy), and you are interested in receiving another therapy (i.e., Occupational Therapy or Speech/Language Therapy), then please speak with your current therapist about options.

My child has completed an evaluation outside of MGUH? Can they still receive therapy services? 

These are handled on a case by case basis.  If your child has recently completed an evaluation at an outside facility in the past year, you can fax that evaluation with your contact information to 202-444-3688.  Our office will contact you to determine if your child can be added to our waitlist for therapy services.

My doctor recommended a PT and OT evaluation—do I need to schedule both?


Will I receive a copy of the evaluation? 

Your physician will receive a copy your child’s evaluation.

Does your office have weekend hours?

No.  Our department is open Monday through Friday.

Can your therapists provide services at my child’s home, daycare, or school?

No.  Services are only provided on the main campus of the hospital.  If you and your child are unable to travel to the hospital for services, we encourage you to research Early Intervention services or local private practices,  which may provide off-site services.